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Building a productive and dedicated workforce

Employers who hire people with disability receive real benefits in the following ways:

Assistance with training and support

At no cost to you, you are able to use a disability employment specialist to assist you with recruiting suitable employees with disability. Specialist employment services have experience in assisting employers with recruiting people with different types of disability in a wide range of industries and occupations. They can assist you to identify suitable jobs within your own company and match the right candidate for each job. This will save you the significant costs and hassles that are associated with advertising, interviewing and selecting staff.

At no cost to you, specialist employment agencies will also provide customised on-the-job training and support to your new employee. Their qualified job support specialist will help your new employee to learn to do the job properly and safely, to come up to speed in the shortest possible time and to become a valued member of your team. This free on-site training will free up your own staff to get on with other tasks that directly bring in your profits. The job support specialist will also advise and guide your own staff to develop the confidence, skills and knowledge to assist your new employee to maintain their performance. Minor issues will not be left to develop into problems. The job support specialist will continue to provide on-call support to assist with any unforeseen problems that arise while the employee remains in your company.

The Department of Education, Employment, Workplace Relations (DEEWR), or your local Centrelink office, can provide you with the details of specialist employment agencies in your area. Simply call them and let them know that you are interested in hearing more about employing a person with a disability from a specialist employment service.

Apprenticeships and traineeships for employees with disability

Apprenticeships and traineeships can provide an ideal learning environment and career development opportunity for many people with disability. Among the growing number of traineeships that are offered, some that are being successfully undertaken by people with disability include: automotive, business administration, building and construction, community services, food, hospitality, information technology, land care, light manufacturing, process manufacturing, office skills, retail, small business, transport, and warehousing.

Some apprenticeships that people with disability are currently successfully completing include: auto mechanic, auto panel and paint, boilermaker, bread maker, cabinet maker, chef, electrician, hairdresser, mould and core maker, optical mechanic, plasterer, plumber and horticulturalist.

Many people with disability undertaking traineeships and apprenticeships come with the support of both a disability employment specialist and a group training specialist. The disability employment agency and the Group Training Organisation work together to support the trainee or apprentice, and the host employer, by:

There are more than 30 disability employment services operating in Western Australia. They are located all around Perth and in regional centres such as Broome, Port Hedland, Karratha, Newman, Carnarvon, Geraldton, Kalgoorlie, Esperance, Albany, Bridgetown, Narrogin, Northam, Busselton, Bunbury, Collie and Mandurah.

There are similar numbers of group training organisations operating in Western Australia. They are also located all around Perth and in regional centres such as Kununurra, Karratha, Geraldton, Kalgoorlie, Esperance, Albany, Bunbury, Northam, Mandurah and Christmas Island. If you do not currently use a Group Training Organisation, you can find out more about the services offered by visiting www.gtaltd.com.au

Wage, equipment and training subsidies

The Commonwealth Government provides the following range of subsidies that specialist employment services can assist employers of apprentices or trainees with disability to access:

WIIFM (what's in it for me?)

Should you choose to take advantage of the services of a specialist employment service to recruit, train, support and monitor trainees, apprentices or graduate employees with disability, you will reduce your costs and save yourself considerable time and money by:

You can also be reassured that you will be relieved of the hassles involved in:


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